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You invest time and money upfront to ensure you know who you’re hiring. But what about ongoing screening?

Most companies screen employees for red flags in their background once, at the prehire stage.
The risk from an employee increases from their hire date, whether they’ve been with the company for five days or five years … and you may not even know about it. An arrest, a lawsuit or alarming financial behavior can be warning signs, which many companies miss because they don’t screen current employees or only rescreen periodically.

People are dynamic and so is the risk they pose to organizations. Circumstances change, whether it be through promotion, secondment to another division or function, a new line manager or an interjurisdictional transfer. Personal situations also change, divorce, financial hardship, addictions.

The new norm calls for continuous ongoing screening which can alert you to potential risks from staff, reducing the prevalence of insider threats which range from embezzlement, fraud and theft to violent behaviour.
Screening at one point in time simply does not assist in the mitigation of dynamic risk.

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