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The reputation and integrity of your brand correlates directly with success of your business. Studies show that organisations with a reputation based on high ethical and moral integrity enjoy better employee satisfaction and overall performance.

Our range of integrity searches help you mitigate the risk of bringing people into your business who may not align with your company values, bring your company into reputational disrepute and/or legal transgressions. Does your candidate have a criminal history, have they demonstrated financial probity, are there any indicators of potential conflict of interests, values misalignment, disciplinary record on regulatory registers and/or appearance on and watchlists?

Adverse Media Global

Has your candidate any unfavourable media mentions?

An individual’s media profile can cover both professional and personal activities and may provide a unique insight into the image and reputation of a candidate and may reveal information pertinent to their role.

A media search is a broad-based press search over ten years of an applicant’s name using global electronic media sources. Content includes more than 31,000 specialised publications and 900 news wires from 200 countries in 26 languages, it will verify if the applicant has any adverse media attention. This search is recommended for all roles.

Adverse Media Global


Has your candidate engaged in corrupt practices?

This search, via the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) reveals if the candidate has any corruption record/s. It verifies if a candidate has been prosecuted or holds any adverse records for any bribery or corruption charges.



Has the candidate ever been declared bankrupt?

Under some circumstances, an individual that has been declared bankrupt may not be allowed to hold positions of responsibility. A person also can be disqualified from taking any direct or indirect role in the management of a company due to bankruptcy. This search confirms that a candidate is not disqualified under these provisions.

Bankruptcy is where an individual has been legally declared as unable to pay their debts to creditors. Creditors may file a bankruptcy petition against a debtor (the individual) which is known as involuntary bankruptcy where the debtor (the individual) voluntarily requests for a discharge of their debts under the bankruptcy code this is known as voluntary bankruptcy.

This search is vital for roles where the applicant will be entrusted with finances and/or assets.


Civil Litigation

Is or was your candidate involved in any civil litigation cases?

Civil litigation is the process of resolving disputes between two or more parties through the court system. It generally involves one party seeking money damages from another party or requiring another party to do something or not do something rather than criminal sanctions. Examples are breach of contract actions, injunctions, or cases in which the Court is asked to declare the rights of the parties.

This search reveals any processes undertaken to resolve disputes between the applicant and another party through a court system. Such as, a contract dispute between previous employers.

This search is important for roles where the candidate will be entrusted with assets and/or resources.

Civil Litigation

Credit History

Does your candidate have an adverse credit history?

For certain roles, you need a more holistic view of a candidate or company. Credit searches and financial health reports are invaluable to filling in the gaps. Often mandated for candidates with managerial, accounting, financial record, or cheque writing responsibilities, reports reveal unbiased insights into candidates’ financial trustworthiness.

You expect the people you employ and companies with whom you engage to be experienced, trustworthy, and reliable, especially when your company’s finances are involved. We, too, value those qualities and extend our expertise to serve your needs.

Our credit search reveals details of the candidate’s negative credit history that may provide insight into a candidate’s sense of financial integrity and financial responsibility and reveal potential risks to your organisation.

This search is vital for roles where the applicant will be entrusted with finances and/or assets.

Criminal History Record

Does your candidate have a criminal record history?

A criminal record can directly affect an individual’s ability to perform in a role. An employer may refuse to employ a person on the basis of a criminal record if it is related to the job on offer. For example, few employers would want to hire an accountant who has been convicted for stealing money from a previous employer or a child care worker who has a history of sexual offences. In addition, employers may be held accountable for the criminal or harmful actions of their employees.

A criminal history record search is a search of a recognized police service records and/or court files and reveals disclosable court outcomes for offences excluding spent convictions. Spent conviction legislation allows the criminal records of offenders to be amended by removing some offences after a period of time. The idea behind spent convictions schemes is to allow former offenders to ‘wipe the slate clean’ after a certain period of time.
Each jurisdiction has its own processes for recording, storing and expunging of details of court conviction and criminal history information

Reported Criminal Activity

Does the candidate have any reported criminal activity?

Where a criminal history record search is not available due to legal restrictions or lack of resources within a country, a reported criminal activity search is conducted as a next best alternative.

Criminal History Record

CV Analysis

Are there variances between your candidates’ CV and the employment screening form?

Candidates often gain an interview on the basis of their resume and then omit information on the employment screen raising no alerts on the final report. This service compares the information disclosed on the background screening form with the curriculum vitae provided by the candidate and highlights any variances. This will provide you with assurance that your candidate is truthful with the information provided.

CV Analysis

Directorship/Business Interest

Is or was your candidate a director, officeholder or shareholder of a business?

Serious conflicts of interest may arise from an individual’s current directorships and shareholdings. Additionally, critical insight can be gained into an individual’s skills and experience in managing companies by researching their directorship history. Are they associated with companies under administrator appointed or companies which have been deregistered?

This search will search if the applicant is or was a director, officeholder or shareholder of a business.

Directorship-Business Interest

Financial Regulatory

Has your candidate been disqualified from or is your candidate registered for their role on the relevant regulators register?

This search will verify if an applicant has been disqualified from involvement in the management of a corporation, or banned from practicing in the financial services industry.
Financial Regulatory searches will also verify whether a person or organization holds the appropriate license associated with the position. This is particularly relevant in the Financial Services industry and will pertain to Auditors, Liquidators, Authorised Representatives, and Financial Planners roles.

There may be severe penalties and fines for individuals and organisations that operate without a licence or registration, or while they are banned and disqualified.

This search is vital for any role within the financial services industry.

Financial Regulatory

Global Sanctions List

Does your candidate appear in any global sanctions lists or politically exposed person (PEP) databases?

This search assists in identifying the risks associated with individuals involved with money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing and reveals if the candidate is listed on a range of official sanction lists, politically exposed persons (PEPs), terrorists and wanted criminals by

This search is recommended for all roles, particularly roles where this is an opportunity to commit a money laundering or terrorist offence, such as working at an airport or on the metro train system.

The database is updated daily in real-time and is derived from hundreds of thousands of public sources.

Global Sanctions List

Land title

Does your candidate have interest in the address provided?

This online search is conducted of land titles held by each Australian State to ascertain if the candidate owns the property, he/she has provided details on.

Land title

Social Media Screening

Does your candidate post photos and comments on social media about a potential illegal activity, racism, violence and sexually explicit content?

Photos and comments from candidates and employees about potentially illegal activity, racism, violence and sexually explicit content can be an indicator for negative workplace behaviour. An online social media search provides unique insight into a candidate’s activities and behaviours that may not easily be uncovered on their resume or during the interview process.

The search reveals if the candidate has any user-generated negative content found in the public internet domain and can be conducted online via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Sound Cloud, Pinterest and Google+.

Social Media Screening

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