Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

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What Is The PPSR?

The PPSR refers to the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR), the single, national register where details of Australian security interests in personal property can be registered and searched.

The PPSR functions as an online noticeboard on which individuals and businesses can:

  1. Register a notice to show rights over or interests in personal property; and
  2. Conduct a PPSR Check to see if someone has registered an interest over personal property that you wish to buy or lease.

Examples of personal property that can be registered on the PPSR are:

  • Motor vehicles, boats or aircraft
  • Crops, cattle and other livestock
  • Stock in trade, artworks and equipment
  • Other goods, new or second-hand, whether owned by businesses or individuals
  • Intangible property, such as patents, copyright, commercial (not government-issued) licences, debts and bank accounts
  • Financial property such as shares, cash or cheques.

What PPSR Services Does Sterling RISQ Offer?

  1. PPSR Check – conduct a search on any personal property that you wish to buy or lease to ensure that the property is not being used as security for any debts or obligations. Conducting a PPSR check helps to protect you from any unexpected claims on property that you purchase or lease.
  2. PPSR Registration and Maintenance – register and maintain your business interest/s on the PPSR before lending or supplying any personal properties in order to ensure and enforce your right as a secured creditor in case of debtor insolvency.

We possess expert knowledge about the PPSR and can work with you to protect your business interests and properties. Get in touch with us today to obtain a free quote.


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