Advanced Screening Solutions for Financial and Business Services

Protect your clients, capital, and reputation while managing complex regulatory compliance requirements.

Create a Great Work Environment

The public relies on your business and it is an integral part of the economy. As representatives of your company, many of your employees engage regularly with your customers, partners, and communities, and many have access to sensitive information and critical technology. Creating a people-first culture built upon a foundation of trust and safety is key to preserving your corporate culture and protecting your employees, as well as those with whom they interact.

Keep Business Moving Forward

Across financial services, professional services, and real estate firms, your employees should embody core values most important to your business and culture. This means demonstrating expertise and encompassing your company values on day one and throughout the length of their employment.

Our deep proficiency in your industry allows us to make best practice recommendations about pre- and post-hire employment screening and identity services that can be customized to match the unique needs of your firm.

Proven Market Expertise

Financial Services

As the regulatory landscape continues to quickly change for the global financial services industry, so has the need for a streamlined onboarding process to attract and keep top talent. Sterling is leading the way in leveraging proprietary technology and partnerships to meet this need through a streamlined candidate experience, industry leading turnaround times, and innovative solutions to global regulatory requirements. Our global Financial Services team is uniquely positioned to provide best practice recommendations to ensure your firm is retaining top talent, from onboarding to post-hire monitoring, as well as through specialized services such as social media searches and fingerprinting.

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Services Tailored for Your Industry

While the specific screening needs of every business differ, typically reflecting a unique culture that enables success, Sterling’s decades of experience can be leveraged to design the a customizable and scalable solution for your organization.

Identity Verification

Identity Verification is designed to help you mitigate risk through a simple process where candidates verify that the information they provided about themselves, such as their name and date of birth, is indeed their own. This allows employers to verify that candidates are in fact who they claim to be. In the transportation industry, for example, your drivers may need to verify their identities from remote locations. In any situation where remote verification is needed, both accuracy and reliable technology play critical roles.

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Pre-employment Verifications

Make sure you know who you’re hiring with the support of industry-leading pre-employment verifications backed by a powerful fulfillment engine. Sterling’s verification services deliver fast, detailed confirmations of a candidate’s educational background, job history, and other credentials so you can be confident in every new hire.

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Drug and Health Screening

Maintaining a safe and productive work environment is critical for businesses and employees. Sterling’s Drug and Health Screening services offer robust pre- and post-hire drug screening to help your company stay compliance-focused and meet work policy requirements. Sterling leverages electronic registration to support pre-employment – including random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion testing so clients can address their compliance needs with 49 CFR Part 40 procedures for DOT Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs.

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Workforce Monitoring

You invest time and money up front to know who you’re hiring. But what happens after your new employees begin work? Sterling offers industry-leading solutions to monitor the status of all or a part of your population, either continuously or at pre-determined time intervals. Ebbs and flows of your staffing levels may also create circumstances where you bring individuals back after a layoff or furlough, triggering a need for rescreening. Construction workforce monitoring is one of the many sectors where such a service can come in handy.

Executive Investigations

There has never been a greater need for a strong investigations partner. Whether you are hiring a new CEO, an M&A partner, or a new board member, you should feel confident that no surprises are waiting to be uncovered by shareholders, the media, or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Having a reliable partner to run an extensive background check helps identify possible risks, past criminal activity, conflicts of interest, links to financial or organized crime, verification of credentials, issues of reputation and character, or omissions of materials information.

Sterling API

Whether your organization is looking to onboard service providers as quickly and safely as possible or you use a proprietary HR platform, Sterling offers highly configurable API options with dedicated support to help you create a seamless brand experience. We provide our clients with:

  • Access to a robust suite of services
  • Global availability for sustainable growth
  • On-demand approach with progressive workflows

Speed and Ability to Scale

In the financial and business category – be it credit reports, executive investigations, or liens, judgements, bankruptcies + credit – fast turnaround times help decrease time-to-hire so you can focus on increasing productivity. We help yield a positive candidate experience while assisting clients to quickly address workforce shortage and recruitment challenges by combining our advanced technology with a superior fulfilment engine to deliver a simpler, more efficient background check program – no matter how many employees or unique needs you have.

Adapting Over Time

A compliant, risk-averse background screening program is not a “set it and forget it” effort. With your regulatory landscape constantly evolving, we believe a strong partnership with our industry-focused client success team is essential. Their unrivaled subject matter expertise, coupled with our strategic partnerships with industry regulators and human capital platform providers, allows your firm to adapt and grow with your evolving hiring strategy.

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