Identity Verification

Confirm The Identity Of Your Candidates

By verifying an individuals identity, you can rely on all other findings about the candidate, such as their employment experiences, reference checks, and CV checks.

What is Identity Verification?

Identity verification is the process of verifying that your candidates are who they claim they are. Verification of the candidate’s identity underpins all other verification and is fundamental to understanding the candidate’s background.

Identity theft and fraud are on the rise, safeguard your hiring process by contacting us for a free quote for identity verification services or a holistic employment screening package.


Why Conduct Identity Verification?

There are many benefits of conducting identity verification:

  • Protect your business from liability and risk of hiring misidentified candidates.
  • Safeguard the confidential details of your business from candidates who are not who they say they are, and be protected from potential legal ramifications.
  • Screening your prospective candidates will save you time and money in the long run by understanding from the outset whether the candidate is correctly identified and matches the employment experience provided.
  • Candidates and employees who are not upfront about their identity may indicate a lack of integrity in their working behaviour.


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Who Should Conduct Identity Verification?

We believe all businesses should conduct identity verification checks as part of a comprehensive employment screening process. Ensure your business is protected by conducting the necessary identity verification checks on your candidates.

When Should You Conduct Identity Verification?

We highly recommend conducting identity verification when screening new candidates. This means that only suitable candidates progress to becoming employees and have access to your business processes and databases.

How Does Sterling RISQ Conduct Identity Verification?

Our identity verification checks involve verification of the candidate’s supplied identity documents by cross referencing against relevant official identity records. Our machine learning capability enables us to do this accurately, quickly and effectively. By assessing the results, we will confirm whether or not the candidate is who they claim they are. This provides you with peace of mind when hiring new employees.

Sterling RISQ are experts in conducting identity verification checks, with years of experience in the industry. As Asia-Pacific experts, we have developed significant country-specific knowledge and we understand the nuances between nations when it comes to identity verification.

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Want to talk background checks or brainstorm about hiring solutions? Need us to just listen? Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

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