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Drug, Alcohol & Health Screening

Maintaining a safe and productive work environment is critical for businesses and employees. Sterling’s Drug and Health Screening services offer comprehensive pre-and post-hire health screening services to help your company stay compliant and meet work policy requirements.

The confidence you gain knowing you promote a drug-free workplace requires confidence in your screening provider. We’re an experienced, reliable partner providing a single source to service your unique drug and health screening needs.

Simple. Time is precious for you and your candidates, so we’ve simplified and streamlined our drug screening services to reduce turnaround times, increase efficiency and improve the overall experience. The convenience of end-to-end processing with a wide network of screening location, enabling employees and candidates to have access to locations at times that work best for them.

Smart. Our consultants are licensed allied health practitioners with extensive training and experience in occupational health, safety, injury management and injury prevention responsible for receiving and reviewing results and provide a risk-based recommendation on the candidate to safely complete the requested role.
As independent and impartial gatekeepers, our consultants advocate for the integrity of the drug testing process, including evaluating medical explanations for certain drug test results to help drive accurate, efficient, and reliable results.

Scalable. Clarity, transparency, and reliability are essential for drug testing. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we cater to your company’s unique business requirements.

Packages Available

Basic A general medical examination screening to access the candidate’s current general health and has the ability to perform all job roles.
FitnessA fitness screening to access the level of fitness and physical suitability of the candidate for a position for which they are applying. The screening is applicable to job roles with high physical demands e.g. movers, construction workers.

This screening is also commonly known as functional capacity assessment or musculoskeletal assessment.

EnhancedA comprehensive screening combining basic and fitness screening.
Drug ScreeningCandidate’s urine specimen will be collected at the appointment assessment centre to detect the presence of drug residues that remain in his/her body.
Alcohol ScreeningA breath alcohol testing device such as the Breathalyser will be used to measure how much alcohol is currently in the candidate’s blood and the current levels of impairment or intoxication can be determined.

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