“One Bad Apple Can Spoil The Barrel”

“Negative behavior outweighs positive behavior, so a bad apple can spoil the whole barrel, but one or two good workers can’t “unspoil” it”

Researchers at the University of Washington said in the current issue of the journal Research in Organizational Behavior.”

Being Fit Matters.

Your screening process may allow bad apples to sneak into the basket, and we can help you make your hiring system fit Who you hire matters, and our recommended best practices ensure the best quality of hire.*

Our background screening experts would love to work with you to advice on some of best practices you can engage in, and they will be dropping you a call soon!

Meanwhile, you can listen to our latest on-demand webinar, where we chat about internal fraud and how HR became the first line in defence. As PWC highlighted a staggering 47% of companies experiencing fraud in the past 24 months, leading up to $42bn in total fraud losses, and nearly 40% of the reported fraud incidences were perpetrated by insiders, resulting in financial losses of $100 million or more.

Additionally, as work takes on a new norm, with working from home being a big part of work environments, online and digital activities have increased in the past few months. In this Hootsuite research, 43% of internet users aged between 16 to 64, are spending longer time on social media! So if you don’t have social media screening in place, this might be the time to find out more about it by speaking to our experts

Otherwise, please make full use of our downloadable resources, podcast and webinars to get yourself updated with the latest recruitment and talent management best practices!

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