Social Media Background Checks

Gain a better understanding of your candidates

Individuals regularly publish information about themselves, a social media background checks and screening humanises the candidate and makes them more than just the words on their resume. Know more about your candidates and their potential with Sterling RISQ.

Social Media Background Checks

You’ve now done your CV checks, your employment reference checks, and other identity or background verification checks, but still not sure whether this candidate would be a good cultural fit and a safe hire for your business?

Social media background checks may be the answer. Social media background checks have received a lot of positive and negative media publicity but we believe they can be extremely useful when used as one component of a comprehensive employment screening check.

What is a Social Media Background Check?

Social media background checks are used to search for objective indicators of toxic, illegal or inappropriate behaviour, and potential discriminatory beliefs from public internet sources. These findings can evidence potential workplace behaviour and cultural fit. By utilising technology to assess public online content within your HR policy parameters and with redacted personal details to minimise liability, Sterling RISQ’s social media background checks can help to protect your reputation and avoid costly bad hires.

We tailor for your specific social media check needs, either independently or as part of a comprehensive employment screening package. Sign up for a free quote.


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When should Social Media Background Checks be conducted?

We recommend conducting social media background checks: 

  • When hiring and recruiting new candidates
  • When promoting an existing employee to an executive or managerial position
  • Ongoing screening to protect yourself from risk or reputational damage
  • During times of a merger or acquisition when considering taking on employees from the acquired or merged company

Why conduct Social Media Background Checks?

There are many benefits to conducting social media background checks as part of a comprehensive employment screening process:

  • Gain unique insight into a candidate’s activities and behaviours that may not be easily uncovered on a CV or during the interview process
  • Quickly search the Internet for relevant information, including any user-generated content in the public internet domain, various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), and other public online content
  • We will provide you with objective information with personal details redacted so that you can avoid any potential liability of knowing personal details
  • Tailored to fit your needs – easily configure background screenings to reflect your company’s standards, code of conduct and employment policies
  • Protect your business and employees from engaging with unsuitable candidates by verifying your candidate’s history prior to employment. This minimises the financial and people risk associated with new employees.
  • Meet your compliance requirements by ensuring you cover your bases when screening potential candidates.

How does Sterling RISQ conduct Social Media Background Checks?

We conduct our social media background checks by first discussing your objectives and needs with you, i.e. what kind of role is the candidate applying for and what responsibilities will the role include, what are the company values, etc., and tailoring a package to suit your needs.

We then utilise our leading technology to quickly, accurately and objectively identify any relevant social media content based on your objectives and needs. Finally we provide a report to you with a summary of any identified content, removing any personal or sensitive information, with which you can make your hiring and recruitment decisions with confidence.

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Want to talk background checks or brainstorm about hiring solutions? Need us to just listen? Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

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