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Ministry of Manpower Employment Pass Education Verifications

Sterling is a MOM accredited background screening company to verify education and qualifications for the Singapore Employment Pass which allows foreign professionals to work in Singapore.

An employer, or appointed employment agent, needs to apply on behalf of the candidate.

To safeguard the integrity of the Employment Pass application process, employers declaring foreign candidates’ educational qualifications in support of Employment Pass applications must verify the authenticity and accreditation of the educational qualifications. Therefore, as a part of the Employment Pass application process, employers are required to submit proof of verification of the education qualifications which may be obtained from a MOM designated background screening agency, such as Sterling. We will confirm the authenticity and accreditation of the non-Singaporean national’s educational qualifications.

Understanding Education Verifications

Education and qualifications can be a strong indicator of a person’s suitability for a certain role, but how can you be sure their claims are truly accurate? Education and qualification verifications are a simple and effective way to check the honesty and suitability of your candidates.

Education Verifications authenticate candidates’ academic history, industry qualifications, and professional membership claims directly with institutions and administration offices, many of whom know us well. We compare claims made by your candidate with information on the official files and alert you if there are inconsistencies, and perform accreditation checks in line with the Ministry of Manpower’s requirements.

A Secure and Reliable Measure of Honesty

  • Forgery-protected results delivered securely online
  • Unbiased, unaltered records obtained directly from educational institutions
  • Verified by teams with knowledge of diploma mills and fraudulent education institutions
  • A consistent and auditable process

MOM trusts Sterling based on criteria including:

  • scale of operations and geographical coverage
  • cost and time taken to verify qualifications
  • processes to ensure quality of verifications and confidentiality of client information
  • strong customer support capabilities.

“Aside from having worldwide operations, [Sterling] also provide authenticity checks on educational qualifications and accreditation checks on educational institutions.”

The Straits Times
30 Jun 2023

Why Ministry of Manpower Singapore Trust Sterling

Candidate Experience
Candidates can complete their background screening forms quickly and on-the-go. We offer candidates a helping hand through multilingual email and phone assistance during extended business hours.

Global Expertise, Local Presence
When you have specific background screening requirements, we offer guidance on best practices, and we’ll also support your screening program by using benchmarking reports and other analytics.

High compliance and security standard
We help to mitigate risk in a complex, evolving regulatory landscape via a combination of advanced technology and in-house expertise to align and comply with global, regional, and local hiring regulations.

We Conduct Education Verifications for Customers Around The World


countries and territories where Sterling checks are conducted


business days on average for results to be reported depending on the country and source

16 - 55

SGD per education verification depending on specific requirements and order volumes

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