Background Checks for Employment

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Conducting background checks for employment enables you to verify the skills, experience and qualifications of your candidates and employees to assist you in making your hiring and recruitment decisions.

What is included in a Background Check for Employment?

The scope and nature of your background checks for employment will depend on the role you are hiring for, as well as the industry in which you operate. Some of the types of checks that can be conducted as part of this process are:

  • Reference checks with managers to ensure you have a full view of the candidate, e.g. what behaviours did they demonstrate in their past roles, what are their strengths, and what are their areas for improvement.
  • Identity verification
  • Document verification and/or CV checks to confirm the candidate’s qualifications, degrees and/or certificates
  • Passport and visa verification
  • Social media background checks
  • Employment medical checks and health screening
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency screening
  • Credit checks
  • Right to work checks
  • Financial probity checks
  • Directorship checks
  • Adverse media checks
  • AML Checks (Anti Money Laundering) and PEP Checks (Politically Exposed Persons)

We can tailor a package for your specific needs as a combination of any of the above services. Simply sign up for a free quote.

Why conduct Background Checks for Employment?

There are many benefits of conducting background checks for employment:

  • Protect your business and employees from engaging with unsuitable candidates by verifying your candidate’s history prior to employment. This minimises the financial and people risk associated with new employees.
  • Hiring and recruitment is one of the most time-consuming and costly investments a company can make. Protect this investment by conducting background checks to make the best decision possible with all the information available to you. This investment in the short-term can make a huge difference in the long-term outcome, particularly when hiring senior officials and management-level executives.
  • With increasing reports of discrepancies in applications made by candidates, don’t just rely on a candidate’s representation via their CV and their self-provided references. Make sure you are getting the full picture by conducting a thorough employment check to obtain the correct information about a candidate. This simply ensures that you are choosing candidates that can get the job done.
  • There have been many recent cases in which reputable companies and organisations have been misled by senior officials’ statements about their qualifications – universities, multinational companies, and other organisations have all been caught up in scandals involving misrepresentation by their employees. Make sure you protect your company’s reputation from this potential negative publicity by conducting background checks on employees prior to hiring.
  • An employer may also have the potential to be held legally liable for an employee’s actions on behalf of the company. This is further incentive to ensure that you have made the correct hiring decision from the outset to minimise risk in the long-term.
  • Meet your compliance requirements by ensuring you conduct the necessary employment checks on candidates.


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When should Background Checks for Employment be conducted?

We would recommend conducting background checks for employment:

  • When hiring and recruiting new candidates
  • When promoting an existing employee to an executive or managerial position
  • Ongoing screening to protect yourself from risk or reputational damage
  • During times of a merger or acquisition when considering taking on employees from the acquired or merged company

How does Sterling RISQ conduct Background Checks for Employment? 

We conduct our background checks for employment by going directly to the source to objectively verify your candidate’s claims. This may involve contacting the relevant government authorities, local or national police agencies, and prior employers and referees to create a comprehensive employment verification report with a summary of any identified issues. Using this report, you can make your hiring and recruitment decisions with confidence.

Sterling RISQ conducts this screening using our leading technology to ensure that we provide you with the most accurate results in industry-leading turnaround times.

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