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Increase in employee theft raises concerns for future hiring in the UK

Increase in employee theft raises concerns for future hiring in the UK

With the Cost-of-Living crisis seemingly driving worker theft up, specialist background screening and identity services firm, Sterling, has warned businesses to be mindful of the cost of a bad hire. This latest warning comes following reports from insurer Zurich UK, that employee theft had increased 19% in 2022 when compared to the year before. It’s become increasingly […]

Employee Fraud Is More Common Than You Think
IT Contractor Charged In Fraud Had No Background Check
Navigating Criminal Record Searches for Employees
Bank Employees Accept Bribes in Mortgage Fraud Case
Employee Fraud Costs Business $30,000
Navigating Criminal Record Searches for New Hires
Repeat Fraudster Embezzles over $300,000


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The first stage in any screening program is verifying the identity of your candidate. Is your candidate who they say they are? Identity verification is the foundation of any screening program

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Credential verifications enable you to verify if your candidate has the work experience, the education qualifications, the professional memberships and or trade licences they state they have. Credentials may be essential to your company reach its goals and safeguarding your reputation.

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The reputation and integrity of your brand correlates directly with success of your business. Studies show that organisations with a reputation based on high ethical and moral integrity enjoy better employee satisfaction and overall performance.

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People are dynamic and so is the risk they pose to organisations. Circumstances change, whether it be through promotion, secondment to another division or function, a new line manager or and interjurisdictional transfers. Personal situations also change, divorce, financial hardship, addictions.

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