Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Credit Checks

Understand The Financial Context Of A Candidate Or Company

For business a range of credit risk and protection services are essential to Know Your Customer (KYC) as such we perform a range of bankruptcy checks and investigations into insolvency registers for lenders, employers and businesses.

What is a Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Credit Check?

A bankruptcy, insolvency and credit check is a broad search and check of the financial solvency and credit history of an individual or company. These checks provide information about the financial viability of the individual or company, including whether they have been declared bankrupt or insolvent in the past, or had any major credit issues. These checks can therefore provide insight into the way that this person or company manages (or mismanages) their finances to inform your decision making process.

Bankruptcy is a situation where an individual or entity has been legally declared as unable to pay their debts to creditors. Insolvency refers to the state of an individual or entity being unable to pay their debts owed within the given timeframe.

In some circumstances, individuals who have been declared bankrupt may not be allowed to hold positions of responsibility. A person can also be disqualified from taking any direct or indirect roles in the management of a company due to bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy and insolvency search confirms whether a candidate is disqualified under these provisions.

Our credit check search reveals details of a candidate’s negative credit history that may provide insight into a candidate’s sense of financial integrity and financial responsibility, and reveal potential risks to your organisation.


When should Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Credit Checks be conducted?

We recommend conducting bankruptcy, insolvency and credit checks in two primary situations:

  • When hiring for roles where the applicant will be entrusted with access to your business finances and/or assets, like financial, accounting, managerial and executive level roles. Hiring for these roles require a more holistic view of a candidate, including knowledge of their financial and credit background. Understanding these candidates’ financial backgrounds can help you gauge whether they would be a good fit for a role that involves a level of authority with the company’s finances. Our bankruptcy, insolvency and credit check reports can reveal unbiased insights into a candidate’s financial trustworthiness and integrity.
  • Bankruptcy, insolvency and credit checks can also be utilised to investigate the financial trustworthiness of businesses and companies that you intend on engaging with, e.g. suppliers, buyers, potential business partners. Understanding the financial status of these businesses and companies you intend on engaging with is an important part of the due diligence process to assess whether they are suitably reliable and financially trustworthy for ongoing dealings.

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Why conduct Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Credit Checks?

There are many benefits to conducting bankruptcy, insolvency and credit checks as part of a comprehensive screening process:

  • Minimise your company’s financial and people risk by obtaining a comprehensive overview of the prospective candidate or business.
  • Protect yourself from fraudulent and disreputable candidates or companies by conducting due diligence on all potential candidates and business partners.
  • The financial health of your company is of utmost importance – make sure you have complete faith in the employees that have authority to deal with your company’s finances.
  • Tailored to fit your needs – easily configure bankruptcy, insolvency and credit checks to reflect your company’s standards, code of conduct and employment policies.
  • Meet your compliance requirements by ensuring you cover your bases when screening potential candidates for roles involving access to the company’s finances and/or assets.

How does Sterling RISQ conduct Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Credit Checks?

We conduct our Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Credit checks by first discussing your objectives and needs with you, i.e. what the role or business partnership is, how much financial authority the role will have in the company, etc.

We then utilise our leading technology to scan publicly available registers and records to quickly, accurately and objectively identify any relevant bankruptcy, insolvency or credit issues based on these objectives and needs. Finally we provide a report to you with a summary of any identified issues, with which you can then make your recruitment and business decisions with confidence.

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